About Us

Formulated By a Pharmacist, Personal Trainer, and Certified Nutrition Coach

Together this dynamic duo contrived a supplement brand based on transparency, honesty and accountability. Peak performance and optimum health is the ultimate goal and of major importance. Brute Fit: formulated with the health conscious fitness enthusiast in mind. 

For generations, fitness has been a way of life for many. While there are always new trends to look out for in the fitness industry, one objective remains: to help people achieve their fitness aspirations and attain a healthy body and mind. This goal is precisely what was in the minds of husband and wife Taylor and Alisha Martin when they created Brute Fit.

Brute Fit’s line of products are formulated by a licensed pharmacist and a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, guaranteeing its efficacy, quality, and integrity. As a company that strictly believes in transparency, all of the ingredients used for each of Brute Fit's products are listed and accounted for without any artificial dyes or artificial sweeteners. Through Brute Fit, health and fitness fanatics can enhance their results while still remaining informed about the ingredients they are ingesting.

Taylor, a Doctorate of Pharmacy, and Alisha, a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach, have always seemed like a match made in heaven. Both were students of Oregon State University and had met at Dixon Recreation Center in Corvallis, Oregon, in May of 2014. While Taylor received his Doctorate, Alisha graduated with a Bachelor of Science in General Science, minoring in Chemistry. She subsequently pursued a Master of Arts in Teaching with an endorsement in Health and Physical Education.

Both have always had a lifelong passion for fitness and medicine. The couple's sincere interest in helping others achieve their personal goals is seen in the products they create. Brute Fit was born as a response to the absence of all-encompassing naturally flavored and sweetened supplement products that combine effective ingredients at clinical dosages.

The brand's term was coined from the couple's relentless determination to overcome challenges they have faced throughout their lives. To be 'Brute Fit' means at one point in your life you experienced a detrimental set back, but despite the formidable uphill battle and against the odds, you succeeded. 

 No Artificial Sweeteners, Dyes or Colors

Brute Fit Pre-Workout is predicated on NOT using any artificial sweeteners or artificial colors in their formula. That's why Brute Fit supplements contain only naturally flavored and sweetened ingredients. 

Clinically Dosed and Backed By Science

Brute Fit Pre-Workout is clinically dosed and backed by science. Exercise supplements do not have to be filled with random ingredients you can't pronounce. Each ingredient in Brute Fit products possesses a specific role to meet your fitness needs. 

No Sucralose, Aspartame or Acesulfame

Sucralose, Aspartame, and Acesulfame are some of the most commonly used artificial sweeteners in fitness supplements. Beware of these ingredients as they have been linked to glucose intolerance. If you're looking for a cleaner Pre-workout without all the hazardous risks to your health look no further than Brute Fit.